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Hello Ray,

Re-posting to the list in case it might help others... was sent to personal

I - Booting with the backup disks on

If your system boots ok with the backups off and does not when they're on,
then my guess is that you have two grubs:
* one on the main hard drive (the one you want)
* at least one on the backups (the one[s] you don't)
and that your system boots by default from the backup. This, as you probably
know, can be changed in the BIOS settings, under the boot section (its
location depends on your BIOS).

II - Error 17

The reason why grub gives error 17 is due to the difference between the
partition layout in the backup disk[s] and the original disk. For example,
Linux's boot partition maybe on partition /dev/sda3 on the original disk and
/dev/sda1 on the backup disk[s]. To find out your boot partition, type this:

$ df /boot

which gives me (/boot is not a separate partition on my laptop - yet):
/dev/sda8             52506748   3838592  46000968   8% /

I hope this can help a bit. Do not hesitate to ask again if I can be of
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