How do I join two .rar folders?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Wed Jan 21 12:20:26 UTC 2009

> As I said, click the Action menu, then Extract.

I don't mean to frustrate you.  I am trying very hard to comply with your 
instructions.  When Ark opens, there is an Icon that says Extract.  I clicked 
on it and directed it to a folder I created in /media/sda5/Extracted Rars.  
When it finally stopped its progress bar, I went to the Extracted Rars folder 
to see if it made the trip.  It did not.

Normally, to extract in the past, I just double-click on the file, in this 
case 7P~maz1.avi, and it opens the movie.  Nonetheless, it only extracts to a 
functioning .avi file on rare occasions.  Then I copy that file, rename it 
the name of the movie, and put it in a storage partition.  I have tried your 
recommendation several times, about 6, it does not extract.  Right-clicking 
on the file and choosing Extract does not work either.

It is probably a problem with the hardware.  This computer has been constantly 
on the blink for a couple of years.  Every day, I have to fix something.  
While doing the current work, the drop-down menu, that contained all the 
Icons that were shortcuts to much used packages disappeared.  Although I have 
been unable to find the package that contained configuration for that Menu 
Bar, I did find a way to find System Settings and put the Mac equivalent up.  
It does not have the option to hide, or make transparent, like the other menu 
bar did.

Thanks to you guys, I was able to get things working by pressing AltF2 and 
various package names and have the system working pretty well.  It is just 
one more workaround that I have to contend with.

You may not be aware, but I have a new computer on thebench.  The Power Supply 
was DOA, and it has taken me 10 weeks to get the replacement.  It came 
yesterday.  Then they sent me a unit that has an 8 pin cable that powers the 
processor that is 2 inches too short.  

It amazes me how many things can go wrong with my new computer.  I have little 
confidence that I will ever get it running.  The first processor cable was 
long enough, the replacement wasn't.  If it takes as long to get the cable 
extension as it did to replace the defective unit, I will have to keep 
putting bandaides on this computer for another 10 weeks.  Thank GOD  for you 
guys.  Thanks for any continued advice you can give me.  I really am trying.


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