Yahoo wants to know how well their new video syntem works!

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Wed Jan 21 04:46:54 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 20 January 2009, Matthew Flaschen wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> Site said it didn't support Linux. I see now why Google is so popular.
>> And if I may be so rude as to call a bloody shovel just that, the original
>> post was spam, pure and simple.  I wonder how much M$ paid for that?
>I disagree.  It was OT, but Knapp is a regular contributor, and I don't
>think you have cause to allege he's a Microsoft shill.
I now realize that, my apologies to Mr. Knapp.

But its no secret that I don't have a lot of use for yahoo's TOS, and I have 
as little contact with them as I can.  Unforch I am stuck with 2 or 3 of the 
40+ lists I am subbed to, being yahoo managed lists.  I bothers me no end 
that someone can have a project up on a web page managed by yahoo, and will 
post a link to that page, only to be denied access because I am not a member 
in good standing with yahoo Groups.  And as long as yahoo says in their TOS 
that they own the copyright for every character that passes through their 
servers, it will continue to be a mostly hate relationship on my part.

I may have an overrated opinion of my prose here on the linux lists as I'm no 
where near a guru, but no one but me should be able to claim a copyright on 
or file a patent based on what I write.  I have been the target of idea 
stealers before, I found one of my ideas at the NAB show once, done poorly 
and incompletely but obviously based on a piece of gear I designed and built 
while at a tv station in No. CA as the ACE that I had proudly shown to their 
sales rep a few months before, obviously my mistake.

I won't willingly suggest a solution that may be better, and have a yahoo 
legal at the USTPO the next morning filing on what is basically a napkin 
sketch picked up off the floor.  That is not right, and all of you should 
have the same attitude.  FWIW I raised hell and stuck a brick under one 
corner of it right then and there.  The product was gone from their booth 
half an hour later and never marketed.

Had they come to me with a small royalty offer, they would have found me 
pretty receptive, but they went behind my back.  And that pulled my very 
light trigger.

Names obviously not mentioned to protect the guilty.  And, unless there are 
old timer broadcasters like me here, probably not familiar names anyway.

>Matt Flaschen

Cheers, Gene
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