Yahoo wants to know how well their new video syntem works!

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Wed Jan 21 03:47:54 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 20 January 2009, David McGlone wrote:
>On Tuesday 20 January 2009 7:46:18 pm Alan Dacey wrote:
>> Knapp wrote:
>> > Please test it and then click their feedback button!
>> >
>> > javascript:void('
>> >t
>> > ml',%20'playerWindow',%20config='height=750,%20width=870,%20toolbar=no,%
>> >20
>> > menubar=no,%20scrollbars=no,%20resizable=yes,%20location=no,%20directori
>> >es =no,%20status=no'));
>> feedback:
>> "This did not work at all.  I proudly use a linux distribution on my
>> computer so I got a message saying that you don't care about me.  I see no
>> reason to use your product, I will stay with companies that do care about
>> me."
>Site said it didn't support Linux. I see now why Google is so popular.

And if I may be so rude as to call a bloody shovel just that, the original 
post was spam, pure and simple.  I wonder how much M$ paid for that?

>David McG.

Cheers, Gene
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