Yahoo wants to know how well their new video syntem works!

Alan Dacey GrokIt at
Wed Jan 21 00:46:18 UTC 2009

Knapp wrote:
> Please test it and then click their feedback button!
> javascript:void('',%20'playerWindow',%20config='height=750,%20width=870,%20toolbar=no,%20menubar=no,%20scrollbars=no,%20resizable=yes,%20location=no,%20directories=no,%20status=no'));

"This did not work at all.  I proudly use a linux distribution on my computer so 
I got a message saying that you don't care about me.  I see no reason to use 
your product, I will stay with companies that do care about me."


"The second most satisfying thing in life is to totally understand a complicated 
concept.  If you are very lucky you may attain *the* most satisfying thing in 
life and actually grok it."

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