updates locked my apt!

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Once you make sure that Update Manager, Synaptic, or Adept_Manager are not running (check ksysguard), if you still have a problem, open a terminal and enter (no "s) "sudo apt-get --configure -a". 

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On Monday 19 January 2009 3:59:41 pm James Newman wrote: > I am something of a newbie, so please be patient with me! I have lost my > apt usage, the computer thinks someone (something) else has apt open??? That would be the Update Manager or Synaptic possibly? Were you using a terminal someplace for apt commands? That may still be open. Is your update window still open? -- 73 de N7PSV aka Pastor JW < PDGA# 35276 http://the-inner-circle.org http://groups.yahoo.com/group/the_original_inner_circle http://h.webring.com/hub?ring=universalministr 
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