Meta Key

Jonas Norlander jonorland at
Sun Jan 18 22:06:42 UTC 2009

2009/1/18 Bruce Marshall <bmarsh at>:
> On Sunday 18 January 2009, Jonas Norlander wrote:
>> As default meta is the Win key on a normal PC keyboard so there must
>> be some settings you changed or you have a strange keyboard. Have you
>> checked your xorg.conf?
> I have a Windows key on the keybd I am using and it is NOT the meta key.
> Alt-F2 brings up krunner.    <windows>-F2 does nothing.

Yes thats true, the _ALT_ key and it's the default keyboard shortcut
in Kubuntu for krunner
The Alt key is not the same as the Meta key if it's that your hinting at?
Assigning a Win key combination for me in System Settings gives
Meta+key do you get anything else?

/ Jonas

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