Meta Key

Tycho Andersen tycho at
Sun Jan 18 20:11:58 UTC 2009

On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 1:19 PM, Jonas Norlander <jonorland at> wrote:
> Was a long time ago i had problems with meta keys in linux. Are you
> really sure you have meta on your ALT key can you switch console with
> CTRL-ALT-F1 or run krunner with ALT-F2? It could be that you have
> activated some settings in System Settings>Region Language>Keyboard
> Layout.

Thanks, but I have keyboard layouts disabled. I want to switch the
meta key because I'm used to having it be the Windows key. I had it
configured this way before, but I just recently did a new install and
now I can't seem to find the option again.


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