How do I join two .rar folders?

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Sun Jan 18 16:17:08 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
> On Sunday 18 January 2009 4:16:22 am Octavian Florea wrote:
>> A rar file (not folder) is an archive - it stores and compresses content.
>> The rars you have may be a split archive (if their name is
>> something.rar.part1, something.rar.part2), in which case all you have to
>> do is to extract the first one, as the second will be extracted
>> automatically. If it is not a split archive, then you will have to
>> extract each of them in turn. Either way, when done, you will get all
>> the content from both rars.
> Right now, they both play, 

With what?

> but when the movie gets to the part where the 
> second part should start automatically, I have to click on the second part to 
> resume the movie.

This suggests that they are not actually RAR archives.

> Is it possible to join them there so that play is 
> continuous?


file *.rar

in the directory where they both are.

Matt Flaschen

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