The amd64 question again.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Jan 18 01:33:30 UTC 2009

> That is encouraging, especially as my last real attempt at moving to
> 64 bit was in fact two years ago this month. (I cannot believe that
> this computer is two years old! or my daughter for that matter!)

Finally there is something that I can give advice on.  Dear Dotan, hearing 
that you have a 2 year old daughter is a happy thought.  And although my 
daughter is 35 years older, I will tell you something you should know.

Your love for your daughter will increase every year you live.  Early years 
are wonderful, but they just keep getting better.  Your only regrets over the 
years are the number of times you let other things become more important than 
her.  The times when you said I am too busy right now.  Or can't we put that 
off until next weekend.

It is hard to believe that you will love them so much that you regret the loss 
of that time, but you will.

My Advice.

Don't put other things first, and don't put off anything.  You won't ever 
regret that.  Additionally, there will be a day, when you are looking down at 
your 30+ year old daughter and she will be neck nuzzling her little girl.  
When you see this, you will not only be touched by the love, you will have 
the thought that you would like to neck nuzzle, not your granddaughter but, 
your daughter too.  

My advice, do it.

I knelt down and neck nuzzled my daughter for that very reason.  She looked at 
me and said, "awe Dad, why did you do that with loving eyes".  I 
said, "remember this daughter, when I saw you neck nuzzling Emmie with such 
love, I was overcome with the selfsame desire, I just had to, I love you so 
much."  Our life immediated changed from great to even greater.  She 
understood that the love you feel for your loved ones grows and grows.  She 
also, and for the first time, realized how much I love her, by relating to 
how she was feeling about her own little girl that moment.

We have been super close from then on.  No more once in a while phone calls 
and emails.  Each and every day, sometimes 50 times do we talk and write.  
When I am down in spirits, I write her a simple, "I love you daughter."  
Almost immediately I get back a, "me too, DAD".  It melts away depression.

Enjoy your little girl and take my advice.  It is the best advice I have ever 

Your friend,

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