The amd64 question again.

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Sat Jan 17 16:30:59 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen said the following at 01/17/2009 08:24 AM :
> Once again the time to start testing another *buntu version is among
> us. Although I do not need RAM>4GB at the moment, I would like to help
> progress 64 bit computing for the day when I will have that much RAM.
> I have looked for a document outlining the current drawbacks of 64
> bit, but could not find anything inclusive. I generally use Kontact,
> Firefox (with Flash), proprietary ATI drivers, Open Office, Skype,
> Gooogle Earth, and Virtual Box. What problems can I expect with 64
> bit?

My experience is that odd random things don't work (but someone else
running 64 bits will have them working just fine). What doesn't work also
seems to vary randomly from release to release. The general trend is that
on average more stuff works with each release, but don't assume that
because feature X works in release N, it will also work in N+1. It
*probably* will, but not necessarily.

The biggest weirdnesses I see are in browser plugins, where a plugin that
is supposed to work in both Konq and FF will work only in one of them, and
again it seems random which one works. In 8.10 more stuff works in Konq; in
8.04 more stuff worked in FF (for me, anyway).

There are stability problems in the current FF (and it adds errors to
.xsession-errors at the rate of about 1GB per day here), but that's recent
and likely is a purely FF issue.

My overall impression is that it's 98% fine, with only occasional



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