How do I unite cd1 to cd2? Is Kino the tool?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sat Jan 17 09:59:57 UTC 2009

> Steven, you should always keep your file extensions!  It makes life
> easier knowing what file type they are by just looking at them.

Thanks, I will.  When I was working completely in the dark, I could see no use 
for the movie extensions.  It looked a little neater without them.  Now that 
I have a reason to save them, I will.  I sure am having fun practicing on the 

I was wondering is 'mv' the instruction to move a file as opposed to copy a 
file.  I found that when I copied a file and didn't want it in two locations 
I then had to delete the one I didn't want.  I thought perhaps mv might move 
the file without leaving a copy behind.

Am I correct that things move faster when worked from the konsole?  I am still 
faced with laughter; I get so happy when things happen as they are supposed 
to.    I am still having trouble getting the joined movie to play.  Something 
positive happened, because the icon for the output movie title changed to the 
same as the other functioning movies, but although it opens Kaffeine Player 
and the codec are installed, it still does not play the movie.  Do you have 
any ideas on that?

Thanks again friend,


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