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Sat Jan 17 08:18:38 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
> > > Meanwhile, consider a few little books:
> >
> > [list of books]
> Where is the list of books?  I may be able to add a couple.

That was in the mail by Wendell Cochran which started this thread. Maybe 
you should really keep the mails from the list at least for some time so 
you can read things again if necessary. In kmail: first make a folder for 
mails from this list. Then make a filter to move messages from the list 
into that folder (I think you know how to do that already). Finally set 
the expiration time like this: Right click the folder for the list in the 
Folder pane and select "Expire...". Check the box for "Expire read mails 
after 30 days" and click "OK". Now kmail will keep the mails for 30 days 
and then delete them. You can still manually delete mails or move / copy 
them to other folders if necessary. However you don't have to search the 
archive at <> if you want 
to look up something which helps understand things.

Now, for your convenience, here is Wendells list again:

| Learning the UNIX Operating System
| Jerry Peek et al.
| 4e 1998  O'Reilly
| 92 p.
| (Later editions seem bloated.)
| Linux Pocket Guide
| Daniel J. Barrett
| 2004 O'Reilly
| 191 p.
| (Slanted toward Fedora, but that can be ignored.)
| Linux Phrasebook
| Scott Granneman
| 2006 Sams
| 382 p.
| (Examples throughout.)
| Teach Yourself Linux
| Robert Billing
| 2004 McGraw-Hill
| 187 p.
| (Concise, practical, readable.)
| (The order of titles is random.)
| In this decade I've read each book four times -- in buses, barber
| shops, waiting rooms, bed.  I'm still reading 'em, & I'm still
| learning.


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