For you from Help for Steven

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sat Jan 17 02:50:43 UTC 2009

I am still laughing; tears are running down my face.  I am so happy.  The only 
way I have ever moved a file using the konsole has been by copying and 
pasting an instruction from one of you.  And I did not know what I was doing 
even then.  

I may not get much sleep for a while.  I am having so much fun.  I now 
understand how and when to use ls, probably not completely but enough so that 
I can function in the ways I need.  I also will move files using the konsole 
now, because I understand how it works a bit.  I probably have a lot to learn 
about that too, but I just moved a movie not only from one partition to 
another partition, they were on different HDD's.  It seemed to be a lot 
faster than the cut and paste efforts I am used to using a GUI.

Once I get the hang of this and am able to remember the often used commands 
and their conditions, I may never use anything but a terminal to get work 

I love you all.  Each of you who stressed the path that would help me.  There 
must have been a dozen emails with the same approximate instruction.  And 
although I may have received such an instruction in the past, I have been 
working under so much pressure to not make a mistake that I couldn't evaluate 
what was really important.  Every jot was important before, however, although 
every jot is still important, some are less important when you start to 
understand and you don't have to strain to remember or worry to not make a 
mistake.  You probably can't remember the first time you typed a command that 
opened what you wanted and worked.  It is exhilarating. 

Already I am sending a mention of Rutebook to those who have tried to help me 
in the past but who are not in a much better place than I am.  This book is 
like penicillin for the uninstructed.  You may hear from me less for a while.  
If I can start putting what I learn to work, I won't be so intellectually 
crippled.  Thanks again to you all.  Remember my response to this email.  I 
would guess that it is the same for most who call themselves newbies.

You guys are the greatest.


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