How do I unite cd1 to cd2? Is Kino the tool?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Fri Jan 16 14:34:56 UTC 2009

On Friday 16 January 2009 8:41:14 am Joel Oliver wrote:
> sudo apt-get install avifile-utils
Thanks Joel.  I have installed avifile-utils.  I don't think that my movie 
files  are in a directory.  When I set up where I keep the movies, I did not  
know how to do it properly; I did not have access to any help.  I just 

Here is what I did.  There is an Icon on my Desktop dropdown that contains:

Document Folder
Home Folder
Storage Media
Remote Places
User Folders

I use this to find stuff I have saved.  When I clicked on 'Storage Media', it 
would show the various storage partitions in my computer.  For example sda5, 
sda7, sdb5.  Each contains stuff.  sda7 contains movies.  It also contains a 
folder that holds DownloadedMovies and a folder that contains Favoritemovies, 
so that I can click on one of them and go directly there.  Whenever I attempt 
code that is provided me, the computer always says that it is either not a 
directory of not a file.  By the time I get a response from my attempt, I am 
not fresh with memory, so I don't remember accurately what has happened.

Now that I am ready to apply your next instruction, I am pretty sure that the 
command will fail, because I have never created a directory.  In fact I am 
not sure what or how a directory differs from a file.  All of the movies were 
simply saved to a partition, not to a directory on a partition.  I have a 
feeling that is my problem, but I don't even know how to talk about that 
possibility.  If you can understand what I am trying to say, acknowledge and 
please tell me what to do?

I am looking at your next instruction:

avimerge -o outputfile.avi -i inputfile1.avi inputfile2.avi 
inputfile3.avi etc.

I can remember vaguely that I would see information on the konsole that 
included what things like -o and what it 

would do; I am guessing it would involve a manual entry, however if I wanted 
to find out about the -o after avimerge, would I type man avimerge in the 
terminal?  And if that is correct, when it opens, everything is listed there, 
but once I have read it all, there doesn't seem to be a way to get back to a 
place to make an entry.  To get a konsole with a place to type in data, I 
have to close the man page terminal and reopen it.  After I send my reply, I 
will open a konsole and type in man avimerge and see if it works.  You see 
everything I do is experimental.  I never really know what I am doing.


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