How do I unite cd1 to cd2? Is Kino the tool?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Fri Jan 16 14:12:55 UTC 2009

> No, but you should understand these two things before doing any command:
I have been experimenting so long, I am lost.  I have never known what I was 
> 1) What it does
> 2) Why you are doing it
Usually when people help, they just give you the code, without explanation.  
When I try to find it in a manual, I usually don't understand the manual.  
Occassionally, I will remember code that performs a result.  But when I need 
to reapply the instruction, I still do not know what or why it is doing what 
it does.  I simply know if it works or not.
> I saw several emails where you performed some "file" commands, do you
> know what they were for?
> Do you know what the exec commands were for?
> I do not think that you would have done them if you know what they
> were for.
I want to know, however, when the help comes, I have trouble just keeping up 
with excuting the help.  Like now, there are a couple of other responses 
waiting after I finish with your help on this issue.

Always, even when getting help from the 'list', I do whatever anyone tells me.  
When the instruction solves the problem, I am happy, however, it doesn't mean 
that I know what happened.  I just know that it is fixed.  I then save that 
email in a 'code' folder in case the problem reoccurs.  I have always been 
alone without anyone to talk with while learning, so most of the time, I 
don't know how to ask a proper question.  The 'list' has been more helpful 
than any experience I have had while trying to learn.  I am amazed how you 
all seem to move from thought to thought always seeming to know what you are 
doing, but no one has ever been willing to tell me how they learned what they 
know.  So I continue to experiment.

I really believe if I knew what an exec command was all about, for instance, I 
think I would progress.  What should I do?

> > Just before I read this email, I
> > attempted a process that involved downloading and installing a package
> > called transcode.  After installing the package I entered and got the
> > following result:
> Why transcode? Do you realize what that will do to your videos?
> > Shoot, Dotan, you know my limitations.  I have to trust you guys and make
> > the steps as advised.  I don't know what happened to the command.  It
> > doesn't look like what I typed into the terminal.
> Don't trust any command that you do not know what it will do! You can
> easily do a lot of damage that way. Especially if the good-intentioned
> author of the command made a mistake, typo, or assumed something that
> he should not have assumed. It happens _often_.
> >>Then just cat them together, using quotes around the filenames because of
> >> the spaces. I posted the correct command earlier.
> >
> > I have attempted so many commands that I am confused now.  I don't
> > remember the correct post you mention, however, I have cut and pasted (to
> > keep from making an error) everything I have tried, and nothing has had a
> > positive result so far.  Additionally, I don't understand the term 'cat
> > them together'.  I will google that term when I finish reading the posts.
> To "cat them together" use the "cat" command to merge the files:
> $ cat file1.avi file2.avi > output.avi
> "cat": the name of the command
> "file1.avi file2.avi": the list of files to be combined
> ">": output pipe
> "output.avi": the name of the output file
> For you, I assume this is what you need:
> $ cd /media/sda7/
> $ cat "O Jerusalem I" "O Jerusalem II" > "O Jerusalem"
> It is an exersize for the reader to determine what the first command does.
> > Thanks for your patience.
> Other people are as patient with me when I ask similar questions on
> this list. It's how we help each other!
> --
> Dotan Cohen
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