How do I unite cd1 to cd2? Is Kino the tool?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Fri Jan 16 14:01:30 UTC 2009

> Have you tried cat instead of avimerge?

Dear Dotan,

I just love the archive.  I am going to use it a lot.  

Is the command you refer to:

$ cat file1.avi file2.avi > combined.avi

If so, I think I remember the problem I had.  Before I got any help, I created 
a method of finding the things that are stored inmy computer.  I have an Icon 
on the Desktop dropdown that opens with four choices:  

Document Folder
Home Folder
Storage Media
Remote Places
User Folders

I located stored items (no executables) on storage partitions.  When I clicked 
on the 'Storage Media' option, it opened a window that contained a list of my 
Storage Partitions.  They are sda5, sda7, sdb5, and a folder on the sda7 
partition that is called Completed Downloads.

Completed Downloads contains movies.  When I downloaded a movie, I used a 
torrent program.  They used various names for the files that contained movies 
that made it difficult to locate what you want to view, so I renamed them.  
Most of them were .avi files, however, some are .rar's.  In any event, 
whatever the name they used, I simplified it and renamed it just the name of 
the movie, with no file identity.  So, Ojerusalem.avi would become O 

Every effort to combine the two files into a single file, has failed.  The 
reason is because O Jerusalem is not a directory, I believe.  Since I don't 
remember the original identity of the files, I don't know how to rename them 
back to their original identity, if that is what is required to make them a 
directory.  Does this make any sense as to why the joining has not worked?

I sense I am going to frustrate you if I don't do my part better, but I at a 
loss what to do.

If the above mentioned command is the correct command, how do I identify word 
the entry for O Jerusalem I , and then again for, O Jerusalem II?  Do I enter 
the following:

$ cat "O Jerusalem I.avi""O Jerusalem II.avi" > combined.avi

Or since I don't have the .avi filetype as a part of the name of the file 
something I should leave off.

Here is what happened when I attempted that:

steven at Studio25:~$ cat "O Jerusalem I.avi""O Jerusalem II.avi" > combined.avi
cat: O Jerusalem I.aviO Jerusalem II.avi: No such file or directory
steven at Studio25:~$ cat "O Jerusalem I""O Jerusalem II" > combined.avi
cat: O Jerusalem IO Jerusalem II: No such file or directory
steven at Studio25:~$

The file O Jerusalem is located in the partition /media/sda7.  I don't know 
what /dev/sda7 is, but I think it is similar to /media/sda7.  Should one of 
those be added to the movie file name to get it recognized?

Using /media/sda7 may have worked.  The following is the result:

steven at Studio25:~$ cat /media/sda7 "O Jerusalem I.avi""O Jerusalem II.avi > 

It appears that something may have happened, because there are no negative 
comments, nonetheless, after I hit enter, the cursor just moved to the next 
line and nothing appears to have caused work to take place.  Yet that may be 
an indication that the work was performed.  If so, how do I find the combined 
file.  Will it be called O Jerusalem without the 'I' or 'II'?  Will it be 
located in the same place as when it was two separate files?

I have included all these possibilities to try to help you understand how I 
think in this process.  I hope it is understandable.  When I went to the sda7 
storage partition, I did not find a file named O Jerusalem without the part 
one or two.



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