How do I unite cd1 to cd2? Is Kino the tool?

Ric Moore wayward4now at
Fri Jan 16 08:00:38 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-01-15 at 21:48 -0500, Steven Vollom wrote:
> > Missing a quote there, should be  find /media/sda7 -name "*Jer*" -exec
> > file {} '+'
> steven at Studio25:~$ find /media/sda7 -name "*Jer*" -exec
> find: missing argument to `-exec'
> steven at Studio25:~$ file {} '+'
> {}: ERROR: cannot open `{}' (No such file or directory)
> +:  ERROR: cannot open `+' (No such file or directory)
> steven at Studio25:~$

Use a graphical app that will allow you to rename them, which might be
safer for the terminal challenged. I never use spaces or anything else
cutesy in a filename. Way too much madness happens. :) Ric


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