How do I unite cd1 to cd2? Is Kino the tool?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Jan 15 12:49:05 UTC 2009

>How did you download them (that program may know the filenames)?
I was able to locate the sda7 partition by pressing Alt+F2 and typing 
in /media/sda7.  The title of the folders is O Jerusalem I and O Jerusalem 
II, so the address would be /media/sda7/O Jerusalem I, etc.
> You said they were called cd1 and cd2.  
They are actually named as above 'O Jerusalem I' and O Jerusalem II'.  
> Thus, all you have to do is cd (change directory) into the directory where 
>they are, then run:
They are in the sda7 partition.  There is no directory that I know of.  I 
changed the filenames to O Jerusalem I and O Jerusalem II to make them easily 
> Are those the names of the files?
> Probably "O Jerusalem I" on the command line.
What do I type on the command line if they are not in a directory, they are 
just in the /media/sda7 'partition'?  
> Well, you know the files aren't on CD or floppy, right?  So just ignore
> those entries.
I guess what I mean to say is that when I open 'Storage Media', I expect to 
see the storage media only.  That is sda5, sda7, and sdb5, and in a 
sub-folder CompletedDownloads.  

Of the 8 items now listed in 'Storage Media', only one of them is a storage 
media partition.  Now 7 of the 8 entries are either primary partitions, or 
media and disk writer and players.  sda5 is the only storage partition 
in 'Storage Media' now.  Before, 'Storage Media' contained three storage 
media partitions and one sub-folder called CompletedDownloads, which are no 
longer shown in 'Storage Media'.

Well then Matt, what do I write in the command line to join them together?  If 
they are not in a directory, I cannot change directories, because when I 
tried, the computer said that sda7 is not a directory.  They are called their 
movie name written normally with 'I' or 'II' indicating whether cd1 or cd2, 
and are located in the partition sda7 in the /media ??file, folder, or 
directory, whatever '/media' is.

I am sorry to be so confusing, but not knowing how to do this stuff, I just 
named things the way they would be easiest to find.  I don't exactly know the 
rules, and identifying them as I did worked fine.


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