How to edit the file /etc/network/interfaces as 'superuser'?

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Thu Jan 15 12:32:32 UTC 2009

Quite probably you are right. 'eth0' is indeed the name of the
Dear everybody

Yesterday, I installed Kubuntu 8.10 from scratch at a laptop HD.
However, the internet connection device 'eth0' is still 'down' - so
far I did not manage to activate it. One of the advises I received in
this context is to edit the file "/etc/network/interfaces": in order
to add 'auto eth0' to it.
Of course, I can only do so as 'superuser'.
So, I tried the commands ALT-F2 > kdsu kate: something which used to
work in a previous version of Kubuntu. But in this case it did not
I tried to switch to a superuser status via K-MENU > Switch user.
Perhaps I overlooked something: it did not work neither.
Packages like emacs and midnight commander do not work, because they
need to be installed first - something for which I need to activate
eth0 first.....

Do you have any suggestion to help me out of this deadlock?

Thx. for replying.


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