How do I unite cd1 to cd2? Is Kino the tool?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Jan 15 03:20:57 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 14 January 2009 9:43:59 pm Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
> > I downloaded a movie that is in two parts called cd1 and cd2.
> Open a command prompt, navigate to the directory where the two files
> are, then run:
> file cd1 cd2
> Post the results, so we can help further.
> Matt Flaschen

Dear Matt,

Something strange has happened since I tried to use Kino.  Because I am unsure 
how to use the terminal, I opened my Storage Media.  I was going to identify 
the exact way the files are titled then read the path to enter in the command 

When I opened my Storage Media folder, everything is identified differently.  
Before it identified the various partitions among which are the storage 
partitions sda5 sda7 and sdb5.

Now the items shown in Storage media include the DVDWriter (DVD scd0) and the 
ROM (DVD scd1), Floppy (fd0), which never showed up before unless I was using 
them, then Hard Disk (sda1), Hard Disk (sdb5), which has a green arrow on the 
lower right hand corner of the icon that I take to mean is indicating it as 
active.  Next are three entries that are identified by UUID numbers.  None 
have the green arrow on the lower right hand corner and all indicate I need 
something called HAL to use them.  That is all that is located in Storage 

Does any of this sound familiar to you?  

When you wrote 'file cd1 cd2', I assumed you thought I knew how to use the 
terminal and would expect me to write the address of the files and their 
individual names to have the konsole locate them for you.  Is that correct?  

If that is the case, would I enter something like this: 'O Jerusalem I' 'O 
Jerusalem II'.  I don't think the titles of the files have anything 
connecting the 'O' from 'Jerusalem' so I don't know if it should show as 
OJerusalemI or O Jerusalem I or O/Jerusalem/I for the first file, and 
OjerusalemII or O Jerusalem II or O/Jerusalem/II with a space between the two 
files.  Or perhaps O_Jerusalem_I O_Jerusalem_I  with similar underscore 
for 'II'.

I realize that these are pretty inexperienced questions, but I am a not 

When I attempted to use Kino, did it cause these changes to show in the 
Storage Media folder?  If so, how do I change it back?  I am very confused 
now, because the one storage partition that appears active works like it used 
to.  I click on it and it opens and the files are functional.  When I click 
on the others, it says I need HAL to open them.


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