How do I unite cd1 to cd2? Is Kino the tool?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Jan 15 02:37:37 UTC 2009

I downloaded a movie that is in two parts called cd1 and cd2.  Can I unite the 
two into one file and seemlessly join them?  I have Kino in my Kmenu, but I 
have never used it.  When I went to the Kino site, it appeared that Kino 
would be able to join two .avi files, but I can't find instructions how to 
accomplish this.  Using Keno, I located the movie I want to join, and clicked 
on the cd1.  A window came on the screen Titled Kino Import.  the following 
was on the window:  'Importing...(this might take a while)'.  There is a box 
that looks like it may contain a progress bar, however it has been open a 
long time without even showing a starting progress.  Is there a way to see if 
it is actually importing anything?  Thanks for any help.


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