Can't Install Kubuntu 8.10 Properly - HELP!!

Graham Todd grahamtodd2 at
Wed Jan 14 16:07:28 UTC 2009

Doc Evans asked me if I try a console log in if it would actually
change what happened.

When I tried the console log-in, first I was asked for my username,
which I gave, then my password.  That did not allow me to stat the
graphical interface, so I first entered the command startx, which
showed only a message to the effect that the Xorg server could not

So next I tried startkde and got the same error message. So now I'm
languishing without KDE.  Again, when I install Kubuntu.8.10 (the 64bit
version), I log in and the the screen goes white, followed by a black
screen then a very dark grey rectangle in the centre.  At that point
the hard drive activity stopped.

My computer is a home made one (I couldn't tell you which motherboard
is installed, but it has an Antec case).  It has an amd64 chip and a
Nvidia graphics card.

Could someone help me further to get Kubuntu 8.10 (Ibex) installed
properly?  The .iso file seems to install but there is a problem with
showing the window manager, it seems.  This problem does not exist with
the Gnome or Enlightenment desktops, which install easily and I can see
the desktops before installing the Nvidia drivers, so I assume I should
see the KDE 8.10 desktop gui, before installing the Nvidia driver(s).

Graham Todd

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