Failure to connect the laptop to the internet after a fresh Kubuntu install.

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Wed Jan 14 15:25:14 UTC 2009

Dear everybody

Today, I did an 'install from scratch' of Kubuntu 8.10 at a laptop - a
Medion 5400, produced in 2002. Via Windows, the HD was not at all
accessible. That's why I first formatted the HD via a Knoppix CD -
consciously, I deleted all the Windows rubbish in that way. Than I
carried out the Kubuntu install I mentioned in another recent thread.
During the installation process, the 'mirror' has been scanned -
something which is only possible, as far as I know, if an internet
connection is available. However, once Kubuntu has been installed at
the laptop, the internet connection via the ethernetmodem does not
work: not via the RJ-45 LAN access, also not via a special 'PCMCIA'
ethernet connection card combined with some special RJ45 connector.
Kubuntu DOES recognise both connections as 'eth0' and 'eth1'
respectively. However, 'eth0' is 'down', even if the RJ45 cable is
plugged in the RJ45 LAN access point. 'eth1' is 'disconnected', even
if the hardwareconnection via the PCMCIA card, the RJ45 connection
device and the RJ45 cable is perfectly OK from hardware point of view.
Does anybody have a clue on how to establish a working connection via
at least one of both connection possibilities?

Second question in this context: does anybody have an idea how I could
check whether my laptop is suitable for wireless internet connections?

Thanks for replying.

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