[Bulk] WiFi-printers Error: ''no DHCPOFFERS received''

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at gmx.de
Tue Jan 13 18:56:51 UTC 2009

Ulrich GrĂ¼n wrote:

> Nothing is wired 


(and everything is weird, but that is another thing).

No, imho wireless is weird, I use it only, when nothing else works. ;-))

> My Printer has a WiFi interface and my laptop is equipped with  the
> Linksys Wireless-G USB network adapter with >>RangeBooster<< (yes!)

Maybe you can take your laptop and visit a friend that uses a wireless 
router, just to make sure that your wireless USB adaptor works ok.

> My printer has a fixed IP address. RutilT finds the Printer (the
> printer then prints some network status, which looks exactly as with
> WinXP), but somehow the DHCP part doesn't work.

sure, since from what you say (more precisely from what I understood,) 
there is no dhcp server within your network.

> No router. My Desktop is connected via LAN,
with LAN, you mean wired? To what is your Desktop connected?

  the laptop and the printer
> have to communicate to each other apart from the LAN (which they
> refuse until now).

For my rather limited knowledge, using printer and laptop like this 
(i.e. without an accesspoint or a wireless router) means, that you are 
trying to build up an "adhoc"wireless network.
Independantly of whether this might work (google will most probably help 
you with this, I personally never did it and I do not know whether your 
printer supports this network mode), I would strongly suggest to 
consider getting an access point or the like in order to build up a 
"real" network.
If you do not want to invest into an accesspoint/wireless router, you 
might consider converting your existing desktop into a wireless 
accesspoint to which you then connect your laptop and your printer, 

> I have no pasword protection at this moment (it apparently is not a
> password problem).
> It seems very much to be a DHCP problem, since I receive a lot of
> to not need DHCP but use an IP address?
sure there is. Ex have a look here

you will most probably need to adjust your settings to what you actually 
have, especially in regard to the interface name.


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