How do I remove Newsmax from my emails?

Graham Todd grahamtodd2 at
Mon Jan 12 16:52:15 UTC 2009

On Sat, 10 Jan 2009 16:31:45 -0500
Steven Vollom <stevenvollom at> wrote:

> Again, I am a little dense on understanding the filter function of my
> email service, Kmail.  Is it possible to have Kmail just delete them
> as they arrive.  If so, how do I set up that option?

Well, it all depends on what kind of mail you receive (pop3 or imap).

If you receive pop3 mail then you might like to check out mailfilter.
This tiny program kills mail on the server according to regex filter
rules you set up in a .mailfilterrc file (don't worry there are helpful
instructions on the main website and in the suggested files.

KMail has the facility to preprocess commands before the main program
is run, so if you call mailfilter before kmail you will kill mail you
do not want BEFORE downloading your mail.

Its website is

Graham Todd

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