Linux and "offline folders"

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Mon Jan 12 10:37:45 UTC 2009

Ignazio Palmisano wrote:
> O. Sinclair wrote:
>> Jonas Norlander wrote:
>>> 2009/1/9 O. Sinclair <o.sinclair at>:
>>> I'm using unison to sync my files between 3 computers and it has
>>> worked fine for my needs. It don't have the automagical you want, it's
>>> just a secure (SSH) plain and simple synchronization but perhaps it
>>> can be configured to your needs.
>> I know about unison, have also had a look at "luckybackup" and various 
>> rsync facilities. Eg Smb4K has an excellent syncing facility as has 
>> Krusader. Problem is they all require "user intervention" and I would 
>> like this to be transparent. To me this is almost "last piece of the 
>> puzzle" to get a linux-client to replace Windows w/o users or 
>> management being able to say "and what about this facility/software" etc.
>> At the moment I am looking at csync, it seems very promising:
>> Sinclair
> What about combining rsync and cron? Like checking if the remote folder 
> can be reached every x minutes?
> I.
I get a problem with this part, taken from rsync man page:
"Note that rsync must be installed on both the source and destination

Given that the server is Windows 2003 Server I doubt rsync will run on it...

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