How can I find if I have Read/Write permission in Wine-Windows Registry?

David McGlone d.mcglone at
Sat Jan 10 12:44:03 UTC 2009

On Friday 09 January 2009 3:27:59 pm Steven Vollom wrote:
> > Steven, have you looked into Bible Time for linux? I use it and it works
> > great. That way you don't have to fool around with wine.
> I have, David, and I really prefer e-Sword.  I will even accept this
> problem, if I have to.  It would just be nice to return to the proper page.
>  I have memory problems in my old age, and I sometimes have difficulty
> remembering where I left off.  Thanks.

Ok, No problem.

Keep in mind though, Bible Time will save your position on exit.

David M.

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