[Lazarus] My ADVICE!!!: Are you having problems installing Qdebian(Linux) packages.

Peter Williams pewtas at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 21:00:27 UTC 2009

To Alex and all the ppl who use Lazarus Language,

Hi Alex and All,

Thanks for your reply. I think I'll stick with Mint Linux Gnome for a bit
longer. I think the main problem I'm having is that although it work fine
after I've  booted-up with the Gnome FailSafe Mode, when my computer does a
Hibernate or Suspend... then it gets problems. ;-(

I still regard myself as only a Linux newbie beginner ;-)))

I believe you when you tell me that Xubuntu is a good OS. *SMILE* It's just
than I get tired when ppl advice me to install ANOTHER Linux Operating
System. I already have different versions of Kubuntu installed!!!! But I
don't use then.

I think I'll need to use the Synaptic Package Manager to somehow re-install
my Mint Linux ver 5.1 (?) Gnome OS... I think the problem is the I have too
many KDE programs install and that's upsetting my poor Gnome Operating
System -- which I reallly really like, even tho' I've only been using my
Mint Linux Gnome OS for about one week or so.

Can some kind person please help me to re-install my Mint Linux Gnome OS???
I think that I *SHOULD* bootup the Linux command line system... but to be
honest -- the Linux Command Line system (? if that's the correct name for
it) -- well sometimes it scares the bejesuses out of me!!! (SMILE) I'm an
old Micro$oft Windowz user from many years ago.. & while I did use Windowz
(many many different versions) and other OSes... I still have trouble
remembering Linux commands!!!

I figure that I should be using the Synaptic Package Manager or the Mint
Installer -- correct?!?! But I've forgotten how to use them (since I was
away on XMAS Holidays for about a fortnight!). Please don't laugh at me!!!

I'd really appreciate some help fixing my broken Mint Linux Gnome OS. It's
not happy with some of the KDE programs...

Yours Sincerely and With Much Love,
{ happily using Mint Linux Gnome OS }

PEW   ### GRIN and SMILE ###

Fond Regards,
Peter Eric (aka 'pew') WILLIAMS
from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia -- phone (03) 6236-9675

My free website is: http://pewtas.googlepages.com  (or)

(please visit my free website and let me know what you think about it.)
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2009/1/9 Alex Kovacic <A.Kovacic at unsw.edu.au>

> -
> http://cafelinux.org/OzOs/
> (DEBIAN-Xubuntu <http://cafelinux.org/OzOs/%28DEBIAN-Xubuntu>)
> At 10:06 PM 8/01/2009 +1100, you wrote:
> >
> >To ppl who use Linux and are having problems installing Qdebian (Linux)
> >packages.
> >
> >HI There *SMILE*
> >
> >I am extremely happy because my desktop pc (which is very faster!!) is now
> >working extremely well !!! I'm still learning how to use it. ## GREAT
> >
> >Also, I still only rate myself as a Linux Newbie (beginner!)
> >
> >I use Mint Linux Ubuntu version 5& a Gnome Desktop.
> >
> >As I said... It's FANTASTIC to use and extremely powerful.
> >
> >&& 7!! Enterprise edition. I have been developing software since I was a
> >young boy and a teenager!!! I'm now 47 years old. I have used many
> >types of computer systems and I think that's where I have benefited in
> >so good (proficient) at what I do.
> >
> >Although, lots of things about the internet and www and document formats
> >etc etc confuse me.
> >
> >My experience has taught me that there key to learning to use computers...
> >it to do everything possible to help learn it. Book, Magazines, dvds, cds,
> >video files, friends, enemies (SMILE) and prehaps the MOST IMPORTANT thing
> >is to keep a sence of Humour and collect Jokes cartoons and artworks by
> >lots of ppl. Collect powerpoint (or impress) slide-shows etc. Experience,
> >test, guess and most importantly, I collect freeware and shareware source
> >code... and studied it to see how it worked or didn't.
> >
> >When I used my Delphi (and later, Lazarus) RAD compilers... I was very
> >careful to try to get hide of (or try to) ride my software projects of
> >compiler Errors, Warnings, Hints etc (I'm forgeting one of them -- it
> 4
> >different things). Also, I have joined Delphi newsgroups, email list,
> >discussion groups etc etc. Make friends with a programmer... and listen to
> >his advice (one of my good friends is a Professional programmer who has
> >also been doing it for all his life!!!!)
> >
> >Also, try to enjoy non-computing things. I love to write and self-publish
> >my Poetry and Games I've programmed. They're only fairly simple!
> >Okay... some are quite complicated... BUT on my Delphi Programming Souce
> >Code Page, you can download either the source code (in Delphi) or the
> >Windows executable, or both!!!
> >
> >my totally free website is here: http://pewtas.googlepages.com/home --
> >It's a GooglePages free website with a TON of storage space (well,
> >metaphorically!) *GRIN*
> >
> >To install a Linux Debian file, use GDebi Package Manager application
> >(it's a graphical app e.g. it has a GUI instead of not.).
> >
> >A very good friend and fellow Linux Ubuntu Mint user told me about it.
> >Actually, he is to thank for teaching me more about Linux. His name is
> >Terry Martin and he lives in the Tasmanian Country (I get confused about
> >exactly where)... He is a very kind person and is teaching me more about
> >Linux Ubuntu Mint and Linux commands (which I still have problems with). I
> >guess that's about what having a true friend is all about.
> >
> >------------
> >
> >Application name:
> >
> >GDebi Package Manager
> >
> >gdebi-gtk 0.3.8
> >Install and view software packages
> >(c) 2005-2006 Canonical
> >www.ubuntu.com
> >
> > Written by
> >Michael Vogt and Sebastian Heinlein
> >
> >Translated by
> >Launchpad Contributions:
> >  Chris Goerner https://launchpad.net/~cgoerner<https://launchpad.net/%7Ecgoerner>
> >  ZhongHan Cai https://launchpad.net/~caizhonghan<https://launchpad.net/%7Ecaizhonghan>
> >
> >License:
> >GPL, see /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL
> >
> >-----------------------
> >Fond Regards,
> >Peter Eric (aka 'pew') WILLIAMS
> >from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia -- phone (03) 6236-9675
> >
> >My free website is: http://pewtas.googlepages.com (or)
> >http://tinyurl.com/yuyejs
> >
> >(please visit my free website and let me know what you think about it.)
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