Booting Kubuntu 8.10 on New AMD systems

Hein van Rensburg hvralpha at
Fri Jan 9 08:31:58 UTC 2009


>From your email it sounds like you might have 2 problems.
a) Graphics driver
b) Boot set up.

When you boot the CD and see the boot options, press F4 and chose safe
graphics. You will get an option when the system is installed to
download the drivers, but this should work and fix any short term
graphics problems.

To fix the boot problem you have to add the following command to the
booting line under F6 : pci=nomsi. You do this by pressing F6 and the
backspace and then add the line. I will also recommend that you remove
splash quiet command at the same time so that you can see where the
problem is when the system boots.

It is important to tell the list what you configuration is
( motherboard, graphics etc) so that we can help you better.

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