wi-fi printer

Brian Norman Wootton Brian.Meg at btinternet.com
Thu Jan 8 20:18:46 UTC 2009

But how do you get into the machine to do the initial configuration? I mean, 
setting the WiFi network ID and password? I'm guessing that this has to be 
done before it can be used. You say that you originally used it with windows. 
What I am interested in knowing is "do we need a windoze machine to configure 
it?" or can we take one out of the box, fresh from the factory and set it up 
using just Kubuntu?

You have to know your router's SSID(Network name) and the router's WEP key if running your
router in secure mode.
 After that you run the 'Wireless setup wizard' on the C7180(has its own screen and keyboard)
-just follow the destructions and you wind up with the printer connected to the router(shows
a little aerial icon on the printer, you can print off the complete network parameters before 
attempting to connect to it. 
  Then you go to your computer and go hplip>device manager>device>set up new device, select
Network/ethernet/wireless..... and I leave the rest the question/answers to you.
There's a whole seies of photosmart printers in this range with/without fax and various othet +/-
if you log onto the HP site, there is a questionaire which you can give answers to and it coughs
up with which printer it thinks is best to match your requirements.
hope this gives you the main idea of a 'how-to'

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