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Date: 01/07/2009 11:07 PM
> Thanks for the answers!  Sounds like HP at least has a bit of enlightenment!  
> What do you think of an OfficeJet J6480?  What info did you need to set your 
> printer up for Ethernet?  
I personally use the j6480 daily and it is a really nice printer. Print 
quality is good. Faxing is simple. Using it as a copier is a breeze. I 
have not had it jam yet. It works perfectly with my Linix laptop as well 
as my wife's XP laptop. I can print, scan and fax from linux. My only 
complaint is that it uses ink a little faster than I would like. It will 
take you about 5 minutes to set the printer up in Linux. It will take 
about 30 minutes to load the Windows driver. It is HUGE!

Sometimes I wonder.  Were our faith able to stand upright and look around, would it be looking down at the mustard seed or standing in awe of the height and breadth of it.

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