Can't Install Kubuntu 8.10 Properly - HELP!!

Graham Todd grahamtodd2 at
Thu Jan 8 15:30:26 UTC 2009

I've been using the Kubuntu 3.x builds without any problem for years,
and tried the earliest versions of Kubuntu 4.0 without hitch, with my
i386 machine.

However, after getting an amd64 machine, I haven't been able to
download and burn an amd64 .iso file for CD or DVD that works.  I have
two disk drives, both LG in make, one a DVD-rom reader only, the other
a DVD reader/burner.

When I download a version of Kubuntu 8.10 and then burn it - either to
DVD or CD - it is read and brings up the familiar blue curly desktop
and appears in every way fine.  However, when I try to install it and
then reboot, it stops with a black screen with an oblong which can just
be defined in outline, but is coloured VERY dark grey - virtually
black.  The hard drive activity light goes out and even if I leave it
for a hour or more, nothing further happens.

Again, I'm aware that the speed of burning can have some effect on
disks, but I've burnt new copies at speeds from 4 to 16 with the same
result (getting quite a load of casters to give away next
Christmas!) :-)

The peculiar thing is that Ubuntu and a number of "based ons" work fine
when installing Gnome and Enlightenment (eg Ultimate Edition Linux, gOS
Linux, OpenGEU Linux), however I really want to get back to KDE.

Could anyone give me some pointers on how to stop this happening and/or
refer me to some HOWTOs?  I'd be really grateful to anyone who can help
me get rid of my frustration in getting so near yet so far...

Thanks in advance!

Graham Todd

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