Can't find package Ebox in my computer.

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Thu Jan 8 06:41:24 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
> It was recommended that I install ebox in my computer to help with 
> configuration.  I installed 92 packages of and relating to ebox, but none of 
> them show up on Kmenu.  Additionally, when I click on Alt+F2 and type in 
> ebox, I get the following 'could not run specified command'.  When I type 
> ebox into the Konsole, I get the following:  
> steven at Studio25:~$ ebox
> bash: ebox: command not found
> steven at Studio25:~$
> How do I locate the program?
Dear Steven,
Ebox is a server hosting configuration "package", are you setting up 
your computer as a server? You find info about Ebox here:

I am running this system on a server elsewhere (that is not where I 
normally work and reside) and for that one you  normally first install 
the Ubuntu server version and then Ebox OR you download an iso cd image 
built for Ebox specifically.

I can think of no benefits running this system on a "normal" user GUI 


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