Wireless printers

Michael Krueger mickrulist at voipfuture.com
Wed Jan 7 05:33:28 UTC 2009

Pastor JW schrieb:
> Can anyone recommend a good wireless all-in-one printer which will work with 
> Kubuntu 8.04?  I need to replace an old Epson Parallel printer and thought a 
> wireless would fit the bill nicely.  Problem is everyone tells me how easy 
> the printer sets up in windoze and since I don't have windoze they quit 
> talking.  I had the same problem with my palm LifeDrive.  It has never been 
> updated via a "sync" type program as again no windoze but it connects to any 
> wifi point and updates directly with no problem at all!   

I just got one. It's a Canon MP620. Not sure how it will work with 8.04
but I plan to use 8.10. There is a thread that explains how to set it up.

But I think that you have to have Windows for the initial setup. The
printer has no way of entering the WLAN secret key. That is done using
the setup tool under Windows. But once it's registered with the WLAN
router the printer does open two ports. 1) Is port 80 for Web Statistic
page, 2) is port 139 - which is netbios. So I think you should be able
to access the printer using CUPS/SMB protocoll.

But since I got the printer just a few days ago, I haven't tried that
myself. Btw. the Canon has also a wireline network port. So you can even
install it some place where you don't have WLAN but a network cable around.

Currently I'm stuck downloading the MP610 Linux drivers from the Canon
homepage... I get 404 errors and have opened a ticket with them.


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