I need help installing a .deb package.

Jussi Schultink jussi01 at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 6 19:43:19 UTC 2009

On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 9:29 PM, Steven Vollom
<stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> On Tuesday 06 January 2009 5:55:07 am Eberhard Roloff wrote:
>> Steven Vollom wrote:
>> >> sudo dpkg -i /home/steven/Desktop/webmin_1.441_all.deb
>> >
>> > Don't I have to download that application first?
>> First, my advice would be to read my mail. ;-)
>> cite:
>> For this you need to download and install WEBMIN.
>>                       ~~~~~~~~
> I googled Webmin download kubuntu hardy.  I got an ubuntu option.  I attempted
> to download the 1.4 version of webmin.  There was "downloading webmin"
> showing of the page, but no progress box on my screen.  That is normal for
> me.  I can not fine it in my computer.  Is Webmin download procedure
> different from other download procedures?  I have tried several of the Google
> sites.
> Strangely enough, I have been able to download to my Desktop a Usermin 1.370,
> but not Webmin.

Webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not
compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration
files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. Ebox
is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is
designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management.
See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox
 Hopefully the above info helps. I strongly suggest using ebox.

> I cannot remember if the email you are referring to was before I lost my email
> records, but I find four emails with your name as sender and none include the
> instructions I remember you sent.
> I can't remember what repair was conducted, but one of the repairs that fixed
> a long standing problem I experienced was completed.  In the process, I lost
> all my kmail records:  saved, sent, those I had retained and separated from
> others, like those I received from you, code, computer fixes, everything.
> I do not yet understand how to search the archives or even access them, so if
> that is the mechanism of how to find your previous email, I will have to
> figure out how to do that.  I will try now and get back to you.
> Steven
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