How do I activate my sdb5 partition and have it stay active continually.

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon Jan 5 13:14:25 UTC 2009

2009/1/5 Steven Vollom <stevenvollom at>:
> If I recall correctly, I need to enter the fstab file in a special way
> so that I can modify it.  When one of the tasks was performed in the
> recent past, I lost all my saved email records.  I lost the email that
> had the instruction to get into fstab in a way that I could modify it.
> I tried kate; /root/etc/fstab, I tried kate; /etc/fstab.  Is Kate the
> wrong text editor?

$ sudo kate /etc/fstab

"sudo" means to do something with root privileges. Since you are
editing a system file, you need this.
"kate" is the name of the program that you are calling. You can use
gedit, kedit, vim, emacs, or even notepad if you have it installed!
"/etc/fstab" is the path to the file that you are editing.

You made a good guess using the semicolon character, though.

Dotan Cohen


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