How do I activate my sdb5 partition and have it stay active continually.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Mon Jan 5 07:43:27 UTC 2009

> That's a good point. It depends on what you call "a problem" for other 
> mount points. If sda1 is mounted first, the new devices will be mounted 
> below /media on sda1. If sda1 is mounted later, those devices which were 
> mounted before sda1 are on /media on the root device (sdb1). However 
> these devices will not be visible any longer after sda1 is mounted. This 
> situation is certainly not wanted but the mount operation wouldn't fail. 
> Anyway, the only time the mount operation would fail is when there is no 
> appropriate directory for the new device at mount time.
I am unable to understand this part.  I will keep studying though.


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