How do I activate my sdb5 partition and have it stay active continually.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sat Jan 3 08:08:03 UTC 2009

> Now THAT was a big mistake, IMHO. Not that you damaged something in this
> case but generally if you follow instructons you should not blindly
> continue if there was an error. Next time you might really damage
> something.
I am sure it was.  Before this List I was always experimental.  I did not have 
any knowledge and also no help.  I never knew what I was doing.  As a result 
I had to reinstall a lot.  Nonetheless, I really appreciate the warning.  It 
will register.  I never knew when to be concerned before.  Thanks my friend.

Because I never had anyone to help me, and because the other forums probably 
could not understand my needs, due to my inability to word my needs, I might 
wait a month before someone would respond.  Without a computer that long 
drove me crazy, so I always gambled.  It gave me a lot of experience 
formatting and installing and the then struggle of reconfiguration, which is 
a lot easier now.  I know I keep saying it, but Nils, I really appreciate 
your help.  You are incredible.


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