When I open my computer, the 'active window bar' at the top of a window does not install.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 3 05:25:48 UTC 2009

> suggested.  Do alt+F2 and type in kcontrol.  Then click on "KDE
> Components", then "Session Manager".  Make sure the dropdown menu where it
> says "Window Manager" says "Kwin".  If needed, log out and back in to see
> if it worked.
I have that window open right now; the only problem is that I don't see an 
entry for window manager.  I am using Kubuntu Hardy KDE3.5.10.  Under Session 
Manager here is what I see:
I have checked: Confirm logout
I have checked: Offer shutdown options
On Login
I have selected: Restore previous session
Not selected:     Restore manually saved session
Not selected:     Start with an empty session
Default Shutdown Option
I have selected: End current session
Not selected:     Turn off computer
Not selected:     Restart computer
Applications to be exclude from sessions:
Nothing is entered.

Buttons at bottom are Help and Defaults.  That is all on the Session Manager 

> To be honest, it sounds like startkde is corrupted somehow.  
That sounds like a reasonable conclusion.  I was unable to find kwin in the 
package manager; is that what I need?  Is there code that could instruct the 
repair of startkde?
> Make a new user and log in to KDE.
I am going to try this part of help then return if it fails.  Thanks a lot for 
the help.

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