Cleaning gold contacts

Brian Wootton Brian.Meg at
Fri Jan 2 14:38:04 UTC 2009

>>   This might
>> save you having to buy new memory.
>> Karl
> You are so amazing, Karl.  I will try that.  You are making me laugh.  I 
> realize things are not funny here, but unexpected happiness makes me laugh.  
> I will use alcohol unless you again reply.  I tell you this so that if it is 
> a proper cleaning agent you won't have to reply again.  I also plan to run a 
> complete test after the cleaning.  If the connection points are clean, and 
> there are no errors, I will post the conclusions for the sake of others.  
> Thanks again friend.  I am going to post this as Resolved.  I left the above 
> instead of removing irrelevant parts so that people will know the process, 
> because I am posting resolved.
> Steven
> *I designed, built and repaired umpteen computer PCBs in my job before I retired and the only*
contact cleaner I would recommend is a rubber, preferably an ink rubber, 
but a pencil one will do, don't attempt to clean the socket - work
the 'cleaned' pcb contacts in and out of the socket a couple or three 
times and then use the rubber on the contacts again. Any liquid is

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