a little nostalgia - ignore if you don't want to read something unrelated to help and support

Constantinos Maltezos pandarsson at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 2 10:51:04 UTC 2009

I was remembering the old days of Linux.  Does anyone here remember when you 
booted up to X and all you got was a pixelated grey background and an xterm 
with window management provided by FVWM?  When you really had to be a geek to 
dive in?  And how impressive FVWM was as it began to get more features?  I 
remember switching to a vterm (or just shutting down X to conserve memory) and 
playing bsd-games (especially hangman) and sasteroids all day.  And the 
openwindows wm was considered so advanced when it came out.

Before Linux, I was a power DOS user (well, there was the in-between time 
spent with OS/2).  I was really proud of the things I could make a batch file 
do despite DOS' weaknesses.  And using debug as an assembly compiler.  I had a 
lot of fun experimenting with that and even typing them up from DOS World 
magazine articles.  A friend and I would start dozens of text adventures with 
BASIC and never finish them.  And then I was introduced to the BASH shell.  
Wow.  The things I could do.  And learning C was super-fun.  (I still have a 
bumper sticker on my van that says, "if you hold a Unix shell to your ear, can 
you hear the C?")  Today, I can only remember how to make a "hello, World" 
program and I don't recall if you include stdio.h or conio.h, but when I have 
some time, I'm going to relearn.

What a way we've come, eh?  Sometimes I go to do something with a GUI 
application and I find myself kind of sad that it's so damned easy, lol.  I 
kind of miss the rabid arguments between emacs users and vi users.  I hated 
emacs, but it's a bit sad that it's gone.  But vi deserved to win, anyway.  :D

I admit loving my KDE4.  I don't want anything else unless KDE5 turns out to 
be at least as cool.  But like any geezer (though I'm a young one), I miss the 
old days.

Get off my lawn!

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