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Constantinos Maltezos pandarsson at
Fri Jan 2 10:26:40 UTC 2009

On Friday 02 January 2009 4:06:42 am Jonas Norlander wrote:
> There is an option to run memtest86 in the boot menu, no need burn it
> to a CD. But you need to boot from a CD to be able to run fsck on your
> root partition as it can not run on a mounted partition. You can use
> your Kubuntu CD to boot from and run fsck and i think there is an
> option fro memtest on the CD to.
> / Jonas

Thank you for the correction, Jonas.

Also, Heidi, if you need more detailed instructions on how to do this, let me 
know and I - or someone quicker than me - will post them.

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