missing keyboard shortcut in mc 4.6.2-pre1 from kubuntu repo???

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook jtwdyp at ttlc.net
Thu Jan 1 19:53:50 UTC 2009

It would appear that on Dec 30, Nils Kassube did say:

> Joe(theWordy)Philbrook wrote:
> > But when I installed kubuntu 8.10 and discovered that the
> > <ctrl>+<enter> & <shift>+<ctrl>+<enter> shortcuts still didn't work.
> > I compared the version strings from mc's initial <F1> help screen
> > between both intrepid, and sabayon 3.5... Only to discover that both
> > were in fact the same version { mc 4.6.2-pre1 } But the two shortcuts
> > work on sabayon and NOT on kubuntu??????
> >
> > Would anybody know why?
> I suppose the other distros have configured the shortcut.
> > Or better yet, how to enable the shortcuts in 
> > kubuntu???
> K-menu -> System Settings -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Command Shortcuts. 
> Select the application from the menu (if you can't find it there you can 
> use the menu editor to add it). At the bottom of the window 
> select "Custom" for "Shortcut for selected command" and enter your 
> shortcut in the new window. Don't forget to click "Apply".

Thankyou for the clue Nils.

But I don't think this is quite what I'm looking for. As far as I can
see the Command Shortcuts section is used to assign a shortcut to load an
application. Even if I added mc to the kmenu with the required "run in
terminal" option setting a command shortcut would only initialize another
instance of mc in a new terminal window. Wouldn't it?  

I'm looking to activate/unblock a couple of internal application
shortcuts INSIDE the terminal application mc (Midnight Commander) which
is my preferred file manager... And which must run inside a terminal such
as Konsole, or in one of the virtual consoles such as you can access with
<ctrl>+<alt>+<F2> (and return to the gui from with <alt>+<F7>) The odd
thing is that as I mentioned in my 2nd message to this thread, these
shortcuts do work if mc is running in a virtual console. But they fail when running inside Konsole (with both kubuntu 8.4 & kubuntu 8.10) The
difference with the other distros is that with them, these shortcuts do
work when mc is running in konsole...

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