Hidden Memubar does not drop down when I put cursor in upper left corner.

Karl Klinger karlok at fastmail.fm
Thu Jan 1 18:29:19 UTC 2009

> Steven Vollom wrote:
> Thanks Karl.  I have looked for the place this option is located.  I thought 
> it was in System Settings, but I looked and did not see it.  I am probably 
> just overlooking it; can you point me in the right direction.  Sorry for 
> using so much time on this, but it sure slows down my ability to use my 
> computer.  Thanks for the trouble.
> Steven

I can't find it in System Settings either.  I always use kcontrol to 
change settings.  In kcontrol it is in Desktop -> Panels -> Hiding tab.


p.s. A while back you were going to run memtest86+ to check your memory 
(actually your computer's memory).  Did you ever do that?  I'm just 
wondering if some of your problems might be due to bad memory.

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