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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Thu Jan 1 09:46:36 UTC 2009

On Thursday 01 January 2009, Nils Kassube wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> I installed mint 6 just to see what all the hoorah was about, and it
>> works pretty good if I was to comnpare it to windows.  But compared to
>> linux it sucks the big one for 2 or 3 reasons.
>Compared to which Linux? :)

Fedora 8 on this box.

>> But the bigger yet problem is the networking, which works flawlessly
>> with dhcp, but that is not how my little home network is setup.  I have
>> everything in the hosts file, and in ifcg-eth0 files, all for fixed
>> addresses on this network.  I did find the network configurer ok, and
>> the changes I made seem to stick, but they are not used at reboot time.
>>  So where, in what file, do I configure the real eth0?
>The configuration is in "/etc/network/interfaces", see "man interfaces"
>for details.

I looked at that file, but too many vars were used as $name that it was 
obviously being driven by another script with much more specificity, so I 
didn't putz with it.

As root, I managed to get the network config gui to work, then found that 
little double monitor icon in that group on the task bar to the bottom right 
would apparently restart the network to effect the changes.  If that holds 
when I next boot it, that problem is cured.

>> I also can't find anything to start/stop/restart a service such as
>> 'network' other than directly executing '/etc/init.d/networking stop'
>> which does, and a restart reports its skipping the eth0=eth0, but
>> doesn't install my changes. Surely this hasn't degenerated to the level
>> of windows where any change requires a reboot?

See above, I found the icon.

>I don't know what Fedora has additionally to the scripts in /etc/init.d
>but Suse has links /sbin/rcSCRIPTNAME -> /etc/init.d/SCRIPTNAME. If you
>want to have these you can make them with these commands:
>cd /etc/init.d
>for s in *; do
>  test -x $s || continue
>  sudo ln -s /etc/init.d/$s /sbin/rc$s

Fedora has a 'service name-of-file-in-init.d start|stop|restart|status' that 
is very handy.

>Many of the links are probably not usefull but with these links you could
>use "rcnetworking stop" instead of "/etc/init.d/networking stop".

I'm thinking I'll have to scrounge up an agp video card with more memory in 
order to get any more virtual screens out of it, Xorg.0.log says it has only 
16 megs on this one.

I have one candidate, an ati 9200SE with 256 megs, if I can get that 8x agp 
card to work in that 2x agp slot, agp has its own set of compatibility issues 
that make me think it was a bad show from the gitgo.

Thanks Nils, and have a Happy New Year.

Cheers, Gene
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