missing keyboard shortcut in mc [ UPDATE: kde related? ]

Ric Moore wayward4now at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 03:25:31 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2008-12-30 at 00:54 -0500, Joe(theWordy)Philbrook wrote:
> It would appear that on Dec 28, Joe(theWordy)Philbrook did say:
> > But when I installed kubuntu 8.10 and discovered that the 
> > <ctrl>+<enter> & <shift>+<ctrl>+<enter> shortcuts still didn't work.
> > I compared the version strings from mc's initial <F1> help screen
> > between both intrepid, and sabayon 3.5... Only to discover that both
> > were in fact the same version { mc 4.6.2-pre1 } But the two shortcuts
> > work on sabayon and NOT on kubuntu??????
> It just came to my attention that this may be a kde konsole related.
> Because if I use mc from one of the 6 virtual consoles ( tty[1-6] )
> the shortcuts work in intrepid. It's only when I'm running from a
> konsole under kde that these shortcuts fail...
> But I still think it's a kubuntu issue (not KDE) because these shortcut's
> work in my other linux distributions. And while intrepid is my only KDE 4
> based linux, I'm getting the same pattern with kubuntu 8.4 where the
> shortcuts work in mc under the virtual consoles, But NOT in a Konsole
> under kde 3.5.9... 

I'll toss this in for your considerations. I kept having problems with
Evolution allowing me to click on a url embedded within an email and it
not being passed to Firefox. I beat my brains out using the setup for
KDE, and sure enough, I had selected Firefox as my default application.
Yes, this is using Kubunto 8.04 and KDE3x. But, what I found was that
gnome was mixed in there, either during the install process or by some
added application that drug gnome in with it. I found that gconf was
more in charge of some processes than was KDE. Beats me, I'm am far from
being a Guru of any sorts. 

So, I called up gconf-editor and found all sorts of goodies that it
would influence. I found html being directed to Konquerer. Funny that it
never opened when I clicked on URLs. My point is that something like
gconf may be at the heart of your problem. Once I edited it to Firefox,
everything works. I haven't installed Intrepid yet, so I have NO CLUE if
this applies. But, it may be something to examine.  Good luck and Happy
New Years! Ric


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