Network problems

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Thu Jan 1 01:07:02 UTC 2009


I installed mint 6 just to see what all the hoorah was about, and it works 
pretty good if I was to comnpare it to windows.  But compared to linux it 
sucks the big one for 2 or 3 reasons.  One of which I may be able to fix with 
alacarte, it only installed one virtual screen!  This ancient box also has an 
nvidia 'Vanta' video card, which I have to assume is a $2 dollar goodwill 
card with maybe 2 megs of ram.

But the bigger yet problem is the networking, which works flawlessly with 
dhcp, but that is not how my little home network is setup.  I have everything 
in the hosts file, and in ifcg-eth0 files, all for fixed addresses on this 
network.  I did find the network configurer ok, and the changes I made seem 
to stick, but they are not used at reboot time.  So where, in what file, do I 
configure the real eth0?

I also can't find anything to start/stop/restart a service such as 'network' 
other than directly executing '/etc/init.d/networking stop' which does, and a 
restart reports its skipping the eth0=eth0, but doesn't install my changes.  
Surely this hasn't degenerated to the level of windows where any change 
requires a reboot?
Since this thing is ubuntu based, I thought maybe there might be a 
knowledgable person here who could help.  I'm far more fam with the fedora 
way of doing things.

It also seems to be stuck in gnome, even after installing around 400 megs of 
kde stuffs, so thats bummer #4.

Please, and thank you.

Cheers, Gene
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