Trouble Install Kubuntu 8.10 64bit with GeForce 8600 GTS Card

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Sat Feb 28 16:25:35 GMT 2009

Ric Moore wrote:

> I wouldn't advise upgrading bios unless you had a really really really
> good reason to do so. One mistake and you're minus a computer, nor will
> warranty cover such damage. Adjusting the bios settings, is one thing
> you can recover from. You may wish to consider that. Measure twice, cut
> once. I sure wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they really knew
> what they are doing. :) Ric
you are absolutely correct. However for a few years now, especially ASUS 
has created some features like "crash free bios", "ez bios upgrade" and 
the like. I am sure there are other manufacturers that offer such 
things, but I do not often assemble non-Asus boards.

Anyway, those features make upgrading the Bios absolutely painless. And 
on top of it, recovering from a faulty bios upgrade is also a real snap.

So you might guess it: Steven uses an Asus Board.
And I myself use Asus whenever I can. One reason is the risk free Bios 
update thing, the other is their outstandingly silent fan control.

You should not jump to conclusions. Not anyone's motherboard necessarily 
is from Asus.;-)))

Kind regards

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