Ktorrent xpert needed.

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Thu Feb 26 10:20:11 GMT 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
> I did not enter the words owner or users. I don't know enough about it.

Right - then it was put there by disk&filesystems like I expected.

>  When I am in Hardy, the media files are located in sda5, sda7 or sdb5.
>  When I am in Intrepid, they are named disk, disk-1 and disk-2.

So the fstab you showed in you previous mail was from Hardy. There are 
entries for sda5, sda7 and sdb5 and therefore the mount command uses the 
mount points from your fstab in Hardy. However in Intrepid there probably 
are no fstab entries for those partitions and therefore they are mounted 
at /media/disk-1 etc.

> Recently where they used to be identified by disk, disk-1, and disk-2,
> they are now identified as Volume (ext3)  they all are identified the
> exact same way.

I think you are looking at them from various programs which have differing 
naming schemes. Or maybe they were named disk, disk-1, and disk-2 while 
they were mounted but they looked the same when unmounted. Without 
further information it is impossible to tell more.

> The only way I know which one I am opening, is by  
> their position.  The first Volume (ext3) is sda7, the second Volume
> (ext3) is sda5, and the third Volume (ext3) is sdb5. Additionally I
> don't seem to be able to change their name.

Well, I don't know where and how you tried to change the names. I think 
the only way to permanently identify the disks the same way independent 
from the Kubuntu version and program would be to use disk labels [1]. But 
is it really woth the effort if you are going to abandon that machine 
anyway as soon as your new machine is fully operational?

> This naming has even screwed up my Torrent 
> downloads, because I can not use the names they now go by to transfer
> downloads to or to save them in.

The problem is that applications don't expect that their files magically 
move from one location to another. And as you don't mount your partitions 
automatically to constant paths, the application file paths change more 
or less randomly between sessions.

> I know no one considers this possibility, but for three years now, this
> computer has continually produced surprises in the way it works, and
> the kind of errors that are created using it.  

I don't think there were real errors but it is merely unexpected 
behaviour. All of what you showed about your partitions on this list 
until now made sense. Well, it didn't necessarily make sense to you but I 
didn't see anything which looked like an error from a technical point of 

The handling of multiple disk partitions is not necessarily easy to 
understand for someone new to Linux. That's why disks are mounted 
automatically by Ubuntu. But due to the nature of the system the mount 
points are not always the same unless you have the appropriate fstab 

And now you make it even more difficult because you use two different 
Kubuntu versions which don't have the same fstab entries for the 
partitions in question.


[1] <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive>

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